ToiletPaperEP (TPEP)

by Thelosercrew

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released May 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Thelosercrew Austell, Georgia

We are a rap group with much diversity. We do not disappoint eager listeners yearning for a new sound.
For contact and inquiries please contact us at
twitter: @thelosercrew
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Track Name: Nasa - Cossmic Lissssp-Nasa(Prod. Knxwledge)
Nas equipped
with a band of unhappy blasphemists,

detach the dick
and then catcher whip women's backs with it.

raps is staggered dagger jabber shits disastrous.
lost the fucks he had to give mishandeling viagra pills.

self assassinist masochist get the captain its,
NASA and this acidic rapping business is back again.

Hazardous as a catch of fish in the back of whips.
and plastic bags of chips
surrounded with some fatter chicks.

Sad and sick, mainly because he crashed the ship,
secondly he lost his john and she said what a magic trick.

stuck his hand in the ass to retrieve the half of him
and reattached it with needles, thread and the teachers bandages.

...yo, the type of bastard to slice the pastor's wrist
and write the absence of passion in his diary passages.
slash grab the semi-automatic fast as shit.

and bionic hands and fists for handeling a massive clip
......uum, this song is short as shit.
im sure of it, nourish chicks with osaurus dick

or a foreskin little more force than a porcelain door did
and if your whore forages more than its sorcery...
Track Name: Grilled Cheese-Nasa
stalk a lunch,
of walking cunts
rich blond sloppy slut
copy cut
paste it to the statements
with a proxy up

six zombie dogs
a fifth shotty that i cocked
such as the shit that be suck in Mollys butt

sick north ballers and one with a lost cause
and a couple washes of dawn and abroad it could not launder us
il be in the washer with XXXXXXX lost bras n stuff
coughing up water cause i got my shock collar stuck.
on Gucci Gucci Louis fendi prada with the collar up.

flip gondolas, so criss cross or get your Honda thumped.
illuminati eye on the shit in my pockets
such a chip off the swastika
my wrist watch watching ya.

wrist hot? it'l be better with slit slots in em.
and 4 of shots of vodka popped pills and ripped collars got my wrist watched.
for a bent canister of oxygen
her ass is filed with collagen
my manager is godlessness.

triangles on all of this
ill etch a couple Crosses in
hop into my sarcophagus
where all the Crosses often flipped.
substantially retarted
with a tablet for the parkisons
strict narcissist,
with writers block I'm spitting

I'm also spitting balls of fire
all over your garbage
the tendencies of arsonists
the last Crayola maker that I used to write is dark and crisp
crash your whip,
park the ship,
cever heads,
depart with it.
the evidence is awesome
obviously I'm on arkams list
lark with this
sparkle spit
such a Zoran Lazarovich
oxymoron incompetence
no im joshing, you oughta quit.
all the moronic confidence
you regard isnt all the shit
slim chance
and you dieting faggets are hardly fit.
Track Name: Shiverer-Nasa(Prod. DcSan)
look.. the grumpy narcoleptic artist.
seven stars in seconds are his bestest stalk investments
our corrections are inception. sorry
pardon intellects..
within reflections switch complexions interested
in depression.
best guesses,
fail over the next lesson,
f testing.
grades lower than neck sessions,
repress electric-esque
estrogen stepped messes
with less weapons
we them heffers you best invest in.

discuss it,
this one is the best of em
and under his belt buckle is nothing but scalp brushin
hes the type to get cussing from mushing ps buttons
it comes with the essence
of a nun in the dev's presence,
as in,
whatever's left of him just doesnt
methuselah of rap and left the youngins disgusted
yes and nonetheless
numbers end hunger and self suffrage
its under itself bugging and buzzing when wealth wasnt...

catch me in the class with a
ham sandwitch,
it has to last this
as my dad's chicks
i fragged the planet just to bag this actor's captain status
with that i passed a grant in faster acts and had to stamp it
you slackers have molasses patches fastened where the track is
the black magic,
has aad
apted past pageants
with accesses
in satanist sacraments
and passed patents
to represent rap legends..
Track Name: Taco Wrap-Nasa(Prod. Samiyam)
Fresh dude so protect food with him.
Messy sex due to depression and stressed students the.
Next Best crew is progressing suggest you its just
Less ooing than several floozies with sex douching em

Past dubious
I got you fags sleuthing discs.
Hashtag losing since
The raps passed stoopid shit.
Its boolean rufian slash lucian
Had lubricant until cuties could pass booty in.

Eff the red movement I'm ready to rep jupiter.
Unless you come through with a move to impress lucifer.
Its the mutant who's fluent in breast chewing
Crusing for bruises secludes where the sore losers were.

spitting niggerish ass jibberish
triple slash jiggers and dip as a fast distillant.
the mad masked militant baffles, the staff shrill again
Hazardous rap dealing and NASA surpass killing it

sear 50's to feel silliest
the steel city villain
chilling with teal simians
conceal sentences wielding concealed pens and shit
pierced ear feelings he sealing her near filling it.